Who we are

We are a business that is all about righteousness. Our vision is to make the world a better place by supporting sustainable and fair businesses in the developing world. We believe that no person ever desired to get involved in prostitution or human trafficking and we want to offer people a healthy alternative through job creation.

We stand for righteous trade with fair prices and transparency in how we do it.

Why we do it

We believe that no person ever desired to become involved in human trafficking or prostitution, and that, in most cases, they got involved in all this because of financial need. We want to create and offer a way out by giving people a healthy and sustainable alternative.

How we do it

The businesses that we support offer fair and living wage jobs to the people of the developing world. By supporting them we fight injustice by job creation and offer local people in the developing world a healthy alternative for unjust practices.

We support these businesses by buying and selling their products, doing market research,  provide advisement where needed and thinking together with them about ways to grow their businesses and impact. We stay transparant in what we do and offer by maintaining a close relationship with the businesses and keeping connection lines short.

Telkamp Trading is a for-profit business that is driven by its vision to impact the world and fight human trafficking and prostitution. The reason we chose to be for-profit is because we believe that in order to support sustainable businesses, we have to be one ourselves as well. A second reason we are for-profit is that we want to be an independent business that grows in its impact by growing as a business. The more our business grows, the bigger the support we can offer to our friends in the developing world.