Who we are

We are a business that is all about righteousness. Our vision is to make the world a better place by supporting sustainable and fair businesses in the developing world. We believe that no person ever desired to get involved in prostitution or human trafficking and we want to offer people a healthy alternative through job creation. 

We stand for righteous trade with fair prices and transparency in how we do it.

Fighting human trafficking through business

How do we do it?
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Fighting human trafficking together

What We Can Do For You

Our specialty is to get the sales flow going in businesses that make this world a better place. We are constantly scanning the market for holes to fill with fair trade products and do this by acting on market changes and trends, testing out new products in our selling points and through customer research. We love to strengthen other businesses by connecting them to other businesses. We are glad to serve others and to help expanding the impact other businesses have on the developing world. We support our contacts by offering our network and advisement.

Our services

Networking and market research

Without a network you won’t be able to sell your products. That’s why we will help you get the sales flow going. We do this through various solutions; from creating a website to piloting new product sales at our selling points.

Marketing and website development

Together with you we will think about effective marketing strategies and the image you give to your customers. We help developing a strong and healthy image of your business to your customers

Our Products

Handcrafted wooden ducks from Indonesia

We import beautiful and hand-carved ducks, crafted from ethically-sourced woods, from an impactful business in Indonesia that changes the lives of Indonesian women in danger of exploitation by providing living wage jobs. They offer ethical jobs where employees are treated with dignity and trained in job skills to help their families escape the poverty cycle.

We want to change the world together with you. Do you have a business with a quest for help, a need for market research or a need to to broaden your business’ impact? Then we might be of good value to each other. We would like to explore the opportunities a future partnership would offer!

Are you an individual who wants to start changing the world through practicing righteous business but you don’t know where to start? Send us a message and we can provide you with advice and future possibilities

Lets start working together

Feel free to contact us for advice, to see how we can support each other or just for a good chat 




 Chamber of Commerce no:  72300280